Yemi Alade’s collaboration with Ajebo Hustlers on the track “EFCC” brings a vibrant fusion of Afro-pop and street vibes.



This energetic song brings blend of Yemi Alade’s dynamic vocals and Ajebo Hustlers’ infectious rap verses.



“EFCC” is an upbeat anthem that celebrates living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment.


Yemi Alade’s powerful voice adds depth to the track, while Ajebo Hustlers inject their unique energy, creating an irresistible rhythm that encourages listeners to hit the dance floor.



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The song’s lyrics touch on themes of freedom, enjoyment, and embracing life’s pleasures without worries. Its catchy chorus and pulsating beats make it an instant favorite among fans of Afro-pop and street-inspired music.



With its lively production and seamless collaboration between Yemi Alade and Ajebo Hustlers, “EFCC” showcases their musical synergy and ability to create catchy, feel-good tunes.



This collaboration not only highlights Yemi Alade’s versatility but also introduces Ajebo Hustlers’ distinctive style to a wider audience, solidifying their positions in Nigeria’s diverse music landscape.



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