What I Do With Opponents’ Shirts After Exchange – Messi Reveals

Inter Miami captain Lionel Messi has uncovered how he regularly manages an adversary’s trade shirt subsequent to gathering it on the pitch.

Messi’s jersey is seemingly the most pursued on the planet.

Rival players frequently attempt to swap shirts with Messi after games.

When inquired as to whether he concludes which players he swaps jersey with after games and how he manages the shirts subsequent to gathering it, Messi told Miami Herald ahead of Inter Miami’s League Cup finals with Nashville SC on Sunday,

“I simply exchange with whoever happens to be there at that moment.

“I have had a chance to play against teams that had Argentine players and generally we swap shirts, but I also exchanged shirts with players in Europe, players who I knew from before, it’s always nice to change shirts with friends or players I know.

“I have them all saved in my house in Barcelona where I have all the important mementos of my career.”