Selebobo introduces a festive vibe with the track “Afro Christmas,” blending Afrobeat rhythms with holiday cheer.



This song infuses joyous melodies, invoking the spirit of Christmas in an African context.


“Afro Christmas” is a rhythmic celebration, fusing traditional sounds with contemporary beats, making it an upbeat seasonal anthem.



Selebobo’s mastery shines through the song’s catchy hooks and vibrant instrumentation, offering a unique Christmas experience.



The track’s fusion of cultural elements and festive spirit invites listeners to dance while embracing the holiday season. “Afro Christmas” is a delightful addition to holiday playlists, merging global sounds with the joy of Christmas.


Selebobo’s musical creativity captures the essence of togetherness and merriment during this special time. Overall, “Afro Christmas” delivers a refreshing take on the holiday season, blending cultural richness with the universal joy of Christmas.