The Nigeria music industry has become one of the greatest in Africa and, surprisingly, the world in general.

Most frequently, we continue to ask why the music business is by all accounts leaning toward only a specific tribe or individuals. And not leaning toward the others much. Most times I go over individuals making enquires on why the Eastern celebrities like Phyno, Flavour, and so on are not assisting their more younger ones with getting to the top.

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Indeed, I’ve chosen to make this article to illuminate us more on certain realities we want to be aware of.

Before we go to the central matter, investigating the scene, we’ll see preferences of JeriQ, Kolaboy, Sparkle Tee, Rhatti, Nuno, Ifex G, thus a lot more who battled for popularity all alone with practically little or no help by any means. 


The inquiry presently is “How can it be like this?”. It’s undeniable the Southern artists have assumed control over the music business.

A portion of the reasons are;

Igbos, first and foremost, Normally love to be free, independent.

Besides, Avariciousness:

We frequently fault individuals at the top, consider the possibility that we investigate assuming a few issues are from the upcoming artists.

This specific point influences both the forthcoming and already made artists. The Igbos genuinely want abundance or ownership, we love to bring in all the cash to ourself and wouldn’t want anybody to tap from our sweat.

Well it’s great yet somewhat it’s influencing the Igbos particularly in the music business.

Presently let me shock you, most of our well known artists today particularly the signed artists are been cheated frequently by their Record labels. They are been subjected to specific circumstances, they procure little percentage from their profit. A few frantic ones would get into a 360 deals, they become renowned and popular we think they are living fine, yet Within they are going through a lot.

No typical Igbo individual would do that, They don’t really prefer to be popular however prefer to make the whole of their income to themselves.



Knowing too well Lagos is the center where the music business is essentially based.

However does it truly affect artists from different parts of the country? Yes it does.

On the off chance that your song can be a hit in Lagos, then certainly it has gotten the country. Subsequently facilitating disclosure and getting discovered by labels and investors.

Most of our upcoming artists can’t bear the cost of life in Lagos thereby causing them to stay in their area, this makes them known only in their hood.

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Of ongoing years, we ought to know that the music industry has been crowded to such an extent that there is a ton of competition which implies “Survival Of The Fittest“.

Reality be told, numerous artists are been helped, either by Investors, Fans, Lovers, Sponsors, etc to some height. Yet they fall due how serious the game is. The business requires a great deal of financial, spiritual, informative, consistent support.


At times the class of music matters a lot, this influences mostly the rappers from the east.

We realize how rap music by and large is deteriorating lately, the labels, investors, would go for artists with a type of music genre that is probably going to sale quick i.e afrobeat.

Senior maintain
Senior Maintain (Veteran rapper)

Some Igbo Individuals Don’t Want Somebody Else To Be More prominent Than Them!!!.

This is one of the greatest challenge the upcoming artists are confronting. A circumstance where somebody couldn’t want anything more than to be the KING forever without stepping down for another.

The already made artists  might want to hold onto their titles and accomplishment without allowing others to outperform them.

This is heartbreaking however, Unlike others in the industry, let’s take a look at Olamide. He has assisted a lot of artists from his region, some of which have gone beyond him in the industry.

images 76 Reasons Why Upcoming Igbo Artists Are Not Getting Helped Or Supported By The Superstars.

Taking a look at Fireboy, Asake and others they have made some accomplishment their boss Olamide didn’t make in the industry.

But he is blissful pushing them. Unlike the Igbo superstars who wouldn’t want someone else to get to their level not to mention going beyond them.

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In some cases they think helping the upcoming ones is clearing a path for them to go beyond, which most certainly they will.

Sparkle Tee
Talented Singer Sparkle Tee

No one would be given a “little” and wouldn’t crave the the “Whole”.

A portion of these Igbo superstars like to help artists from other zone who might out of desperation be subjected to remain under them as long as the agreement lasts.

They get through the cheats, liable and more.

Some upcoming Igbo artists who have run over such experience frequently break out of the deal, for example Rhatti and Nuno who broke out of Penthauze.



One more reason behind this is that the majority of our notable veterans in this industry don’t have anything to offer their youngsters in the industry.

This is the reality and may sound irritating yet that is only the reality.

Unnecessary of referencing names, many of our Igbo veterans are as of now no longer in the track as long the present music industry is concerned, some are more busy with their businesses, etc..

Making steps in the music business makes them seem to be upcoming or suppose a thoughtful legends in a little acknowledgment. (We’ll make an article tending to this especially another day)


At this point we’ll end here having known few of the difficulties or reasons behind why Igbo upcoming artists are not getting signed or supported.

Please kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section below 👇.