“Breaking News: JeriQ & Psycho YP Drop Explosive Collaboration with Phyno”



In the latest musical revelation, JeriQ and Psycho YP join forces, featuring the iconic Phyno in their groundbreaking track, “Breaking News.” This dynamic trio delivers a high-voltage performance that’s set to redefine the rap game.




The song kicks off with an electrifying beat, setting the stage for JeriQ’s razor-sharp verses, complemented by Psycho YP’s unmatched flow. “Breaking News” seamlessly blends their distinct styles, creating a sonic masterpiece that captivates from start to finish.




Phyno’s guest appearance adds a layer of intensity, elevating the track to new heights. The synergy between these artists is palpable, creating a musical concoction that demands attention. The lyrics, a fusion of raw storytelling and clever wordplay, ensure that listeners are hooked from the first bar.




With its catchy hooks and infectious rhythm, “Breaking News” is destined to become a chart-topper.  Brace yourselves for the impact of “Breaking News” – a song that breaks boundaries and makes headlines in the world of Nigerian hip-hop.

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