Famous Nigerian disc jockey, Ayorinde Kehinde Okiki otherwise called DJ Kaywise has at last ended his quietness on the asserted seize allegation by his life partner.

We announced that DJ Kaywise’s fiancee, Nnema Egwueke also known as Nenny B, had accused his twin sibling for endeavoring to kidnap her.

DJ Kaywise opens up on his twin sibling’s endeavor to kidnap his fiancee

Nenny B, in a post on her Instagram page on Sunday blamed her sweetheart’s family for danger to her life.

Kaywise Fiancee
Kaywise Fiancee

The media character described how a vindictive gathering of representatives terminated by Kaywise in 2021, wanted to seize her toward the finish of July yet were shocked when Kaywise rather than Nenny, showed up at the door of her home to get a conveyance expected for her.

She shared a video showing three men, claimed ex-representatives of Kaywise who were supposedly sitting tight for herself and were disheartened she didn’t emerge from the entryway.

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qEQN2XdX76W DJ Kaywise opens up on his twin brother's attempt to kidnap his fiancee
Kaywise Twin Brother

Nenny B guaranteed that the ones who were captured by the police subsequent to giving her a hazardous bring in 2021 were set free following supplications by Kaywise’s folks.

Delivering film of the three men outside her home, she raised caution over the danger to her life, saying the general public ought to know on the off chance that anything happens to her.

In a subsequent post, she uncovered that the men had marked an endeavor limiting Shola from calling, messaging, or being around her or that of Kaywise.

Taking to his Instagram page, DJ Kaywise put out an announcement saying ‘sorry’ to his life partner and her loved ones.

He communicated how disheartened he is that his twin sibling was important for such an arrangement as he supported her story.

He said:

“It’s incredibly disheartening that my twin brother is involved in the situation. However, as a child of God, I must be honest with myself. As an eyewitness to the saga I firmly believe that their visit to Nenny’s house had no good intentions and would have put her life at risk.

If they were genuinely concerned about my well-being, they’ve had over the course of 3 years to engage with the police officer by filing a missing person report or by initiating a potential kidnapping case.

Seeing that everyone was keeping quiet about the slanderous allegations against Nenny I provided her with evidence to clarify to the world that my family doesn’t have a problem with her. And the blog is just a liar, cause I am sure none of my family members can say otherwise to my face.

Public Disclaimer: I have disassociated myself from the people in the CCTV footage 3 years ago, they do not represent me or my company. Deal with them at your own risk. For any inquiries send an email to my company.

I humbly apologize to Nenny and her entire family plus well-wishers for this mess and I promise this would never happen again.

I will be giving my full cooperation to the police to get to the root of everything”, the statement read.