“Unveiling ‘Detty December’: A Vibrant Musical Fusion



Dammy Krane, Harrysong, and Ojadiligbo collaborate in the infectious track “Detty December.” 



This song, a fusion of Afrobeat, Highlife, and traditional flute melodies, encapsulates the festive spirit. 



Dammy Krane’s catchy lyrics and Harrysong’s melodious vocals blend seamlessly over Ojadiligbo‘s mesmerizing flute tunes. 



The pulsating rhythm and energetic beats make it a perfect anthem for the holiday season. 



“Detty December” celebrates the joyous and vibrant atmosphere of December festivities in Nigeria. 



The infusion of traditional sounds alongside contemporary beats creates an electrifying musical experience. 



Listeners are treated to a harmonious blend of modernity and cultural richness in this track. 



With its infectious chorus and lively instrumentation, the song embodies the spirit of celebration. 



The collaboration showcases the diverse musical talents of the artists, resulting in a must-listen track. 

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“Detty December” promises to be a hit, resonating with audiences seeking a lively tune for the festive period.